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Life Is again In Full Of Melancholy..!!

Last thursday was so horibble as my sweet darling cell fell sick!!! Bichara!!! It fell in water yesterday in my house parking lot n was trying to send message to my buddy n then came to know that my keypad stopped working..!!! Tears started runnig down my cheeks…!!! I love my cell n73 so much…!! […]

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Yipee Got A system Finally…!!!

Finally got a permanent system after four months of working in my work place…!! Now no need to do prayers telling” Hey Bhagvan please see to that atleast one soul in office should be absent..” Everyday before coming to office i used to worry about system n now no worries…!!! Finally got a system…!! And […]

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Miss You Nikita..!!

Today was tapping my feet and entered office seeing my HR (by name Nikita Porwal) place to wish hi with a smile… Was searching her all around. But then it striked me all of a sudden that she left the office…!! Start of my day in office itself started missing my sweet HR…!! Miss You […]

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Fun At Tour

Now its time to write all fun i had in my jaunt…will be starting from tomorow…

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Hi To My Final Semister With a All Smiles Around…!!!

With yesterday my old semister has got over and now there comes my last and final semister…And sure it will be rocking with loads n loads of fun and with colors…as this is my last semister…!!

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Yipee Exams Over…!!!!

So happy.. free from biggest tension of exams…Finally got over….So happy n waiting for all upcoming functions of coming two weeks…!!!!

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Cool day with loads and loads of fun with dostana movie…!!

I was very eager to see this cool movie from the day of its audio release…!!!! Man i bet it has awesome,rocking, sweet n melodious n romantic songs…!!! I just loved each n every song from this movie…!!! Its just awesome…!!Well finally saw this movie coz of my best buddies..!!! I was telling them we […]

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Great Friend Of Mine…!!!

Here is my best n great buddy Mr. Sriker who is a Chartered Accountant in IBM of My Sweet Hyderabad. He is very Intelligent guy, very smart, very sportive person too..!!! I was waiting to write a testi for him but didnt get oppurtunity..!! And finally got it..!! Well dont have an apt word to […]

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Despite the handshakes between Manmohan Singh and Chinese President Hu Jintao prior this month, nothing has changed. The wall of mistrust continues to be an obstacle in Indo-China relations. Intrusions by the Chinese forces continue unabated into Indian territory despite attempts by a red-faced South Block to brush them under the carpet. The most current […]

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I Love This Song…!!

This is one of my best n awesome song with a very hearty lyrics…!!! Yehhhh… Zara si dil mein de jagah tu Zara sa apna le bana Zara sa khawbon mein saja tu Zara sa yaadhon mein basa Mein chahun tujhko Meri jaan bepanah Fida hoon tujhpe Meri jaan bepanah Wooooo hhhhooo ooohhhh hooo… Zara […]

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