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Engagement Life Rocks..!!

Hmmm When ever I meet/speak to any one the first question they inquire is “rids how is your Engagement Life” Well the answer will obviously be awesome with so much blushing on my face…!! When you get a perfect soul mate as per your expectations then I bet engagement life truly rocks..!! This can be perfectly understood only by me & Fatty and few of my best buddies who got engaged..!! This life is totally different from any other life..!!

And these Engagement days never come again..! This is again a very sweet sweet experience and memory in life..When I was doing my 12th deeds got engaged and bhayya and two of my sweet best seniors got engaged..!! When I asked them the same question they used to blush so much and tell jus one word “Simply Superb & Sweet” I used to wonder why these guys blush this much after all for engaged life and this one question..I asked them this question also and they told unless you experience you’ll not understand the sweetness and memorable memories in Engaged life..And now I completely agree with them it’s very true..!!

It’s all jus loads and loads of love and loads of all sweet memories which stay memorable all through your life..!! All sweet hang outs..All hush hush hang outs..Things…surprises..Gifts…etc…etc…!! After marriage whole life changes and I bet it’ll not be like engaged life..!! Engaged life is all jus sitting..Non stop msging..Speaking hours and hours..With loads and loads of love..!! No tensions..No work..Nothing its all just tension-free life..!! Where as after marriage though there will be more and more love, we get many responsibilities..Become perfect home-maker and goes on..!!

So every person should enjoy their engaged life to the chore as it’s totally different from any other life..! I still remember my didi telling me rids now that you got engaged it’s time for you to enjoy all sweet days..!! And that’s very true again..I enjoy my engaged life so much to the chore..!! What all funny and silly billy things I do..Will be physically with my gang but mentally completely about my sweet guy..Calling out his name instead of pooh/sona/whomeverOf course it happens when we are not mentally present in this world..In office and at home it’s again the same situation..It’s like a beautiful “Land Of Sweet Love”..All in all Engaged Life is simply Super..Rocking and Very Very Sweet..!!!!

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