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Ericsson Planning to End SonyPartnership..!!

According to German news Ericsson is planning to put a full stop to the Sony partnership..Let me put it very clearly..The Partnership venture of Sony and Ericsson gonna break.. Ericsson was almost like a backbone for Sony..Coz the technology which is very cool and awesome is completely supported by Ericsson..Now guess Sony will go down..Well there are 2 of my best buddies who go damn crazy for Sony Ericsson..And they often support Sony Ericsson technology and the sound effect and they tell no phone can beat Sony Ericsson..!!

Well I don’t agree to it..But now lets see how Sony is going to come up with cool models into market..How it’s gonna get best technology in it..Hmmm got to wait and see if there’s going to be sure break-up amid these two ventures. Regarding this issue Ericsson approached Sony and Sony stated that it’s interested in getting 50% stake in the joint venture Neverthless currently it doesn’t have cash to do so..But still the companies haven’t come to perfect conclusion and no final deal/announcements made..!!

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