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Rocking College Life..!!

Hmmm…college life really rocks…and I bet that sweet happy life will never ever come again..This is a life which has all smiles..Laughs..Without any tensions in life..What all fun we guys have in college..Well when a student enters college life from school..The first thing comes to his/her mind is Bunking and going late to college..having all make-up stuffs in handbag and with just 2-3 books in hand…Am sure and bet that every student must’ve bunked their college and every student must atleast once bunk their college or any bugging theory hours..…One of my mam told that a student must bunk college atleast once in life..That’s really a different n cool experience n one should and got to experience each and every moment in college life…should be a typical and unique college students like my rocking gang and my class..!!!

Well we guys i.e. whole final year students experienced all the things which a college student should experience…Going late to college..Bunking all bugging theory hours…Bunking classes telling practice for cultural n many more things we all guys experienced..Where guys we had really great time and fun..And even studious seedi saadi girls also started bunking their college and few theory classes coming to the final year..Well very few times we got caught but that was also a great experience for all of us..Though we got caught we guys used to have a narrow escape from all our teachers…But what ever masti we guys do we never ever got a bad impression from any of our teachers..That’s my gang…College life is full of masti masti..It’s just having loads of fun..We guys enjoy even during exams..Having combined studies n all…!!!

Full coll life goes in masti very smoothly without any tensions..Starting of the coll we’ll have fresher’s day..Then comes cultural..Where we all guys chuck out of our classes for practice of dances and various stuffs..And then slowly comes, our internals which makes all of us to touch our books..And then entry of our main exams i.e. the semester where all will be very serious and buried in books and followed by count down for the semester to get over..And welcoming new semester with loads of smiles..!!! Finally entry to the final year of the college..And enjoying to the chore and experience good and bad together to the chore as it’s the final year..!!

There are also many sweet days like traditional day where all girls ought to wear sari..Some days we guys deciding to wear all same pattern dresses…some days same color..And wearing dresses on valentines day is really great fun…we guys wear in accordance to the importance of the color..And getting into cool shots {i.e. snaps & videos} on all these days…all the parties and treats for birthdays, getting good score in semester, winning in competitions..And many winning moments…this party time is really great fun in college life which makes all our pockets empty…!!! Guess we guys experienced each and everything what a college student ought to experience.. College rocks…it’s like Zip Zap Zoom..!!

Well slowly we guys are coming to the end of our college life and now we all gonna miss all our college life..All the fun..All those bunking hours..All the maska chaska to teachers..All the chatt patta talk..Gossips..And tension during results of semester..All scolding’s in prayer by pricy..Our canteen..and all my hosting of shows in college..bike stand..lunch hours where all of us get buried in all of my best buddies lunch boxes with yummy yummy dishes..And also all our favorite sweet teachers..!!

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  1. Missing my old golden days. Your blog is nice. Keep it up

  2. rids

    thanku..n yup it happens..everyone will surely miss this sweet and precious life..

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