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Sweet..Funny..Cool Day @ College:

Today was very sweet n cool funny too…!! Got up early but early morning was so upset…went to college late at 9.30 sharp…and well me and fatty entered class at sharp 9.30 so punctual guys..And myself asking excuse me mam continuously just like that entered classroom..All started laughing then realized mam didn’t tell me to come inside the class but me went off..Even mam started laughing telling rids na always thinking about Romesh Romesh…And was telling atleast while entering the class be in this world..!! With full of smiles on my face went to place and got settled..!! hmmm all these stuffs happens in love life..!! Then there was serious filling up of examination forms of final semester..!! For three hours all were damn serious n busy with filling up those forms..!! And today our whole gangs bench was vibrating due to some construction in the ground floor…And exactly my sweet guy called me but didn’t know feel the vibration of my cell..finally realized it when pooh and sona told about my cell vibration..was so so so happy to see my guys call..and my goodness mam noticed it she was telling rids you can very well speak to him after completion of this important work..So please come to this world mentally…how sweet mam..!! Was blushing n telling sure mam but was eagerly waiting for his call so was seeing my cell…Well she excused with her sweet smile..!! And finally completed the work around 11.15 and we guys had awesome lunch..like bukad atmas we guys enjoyed our lunch as we all were dying out of hunger..!! Very cool lunch which started with yummy yummy spicy spicy channa samosa, Pani ppuri and ending with woooooh awesome chill chill amazing Lemon soda and Gola..!! Well we all guys gonna surely miss all this canteen and it’s fun and all the bike stand fun we guys have…!! And after lunch slam book session started and many girls gave me slam to fill in but unfortunately coundn’t fill it at home yesterday..So sorry for them…And some from two weeks I wasn’t able to fill it extremely sorry for all of them yar..!!! Then finally the day at college ended with tips for the main viva which is gonna be on Monday..!! All in all very sweet funny day..!!

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