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Unforgettable B’day in Life..!!

There many sweet memorable moments in life and among them the sweetest unforgettable day in life is 27th February 2009…It was such a sweet day which cannot be explained in words..Well guess by now most of my buddies reading this blog must have got the reason behind it..Such a sweet day..just because I spent the whole day with my sweet guy..That day was my birthday and so sweet of him that he spent the whole day with me..And this was the best gift I’ve got for this year from him..!!

I planned to hang out many places but unfortunately couldn’t..Well it was a perfect morning..With full of wishes and smiles and blushes..We planned to meet at 8 itself and mainly telling all my buddies that even a sec shouldn’t be wasted..But as usual I was damn late told him will be in 20 min but just imagine I was one hour late…That wasn’t deliberate..Well I was v.sorry for that..!!

And my sweet Jo prepared yummy yummy breakfast for him and well we both enjoyed so much to the chore though I couldn’t hang out with him to all places I planned..!!well it’s very sweet and memorable birthday in my whole life..!! The whole day went on very well but was bit upset on that day that my very close buddies totally forgot my birthday…or they were very busy..Whatever…they totally forget..Was very upset..Was very morose on all of my best buddies who didn’t wish me..!!

How many ever works may be..can’t they spare just a sec to wish closed ones..this is really too much..Falling in some busy work//busy schedule/lack of balance forgetting to wish their close ones on their b’day..coz it’s the only day were people wait eagerly for wishes from their closed and lovable ones..!! still one particular female is there who till now didn’t wish me..hope so she atleast realizes it by reading this blog..!! Was totally stunned by few of my best buddies fishy behavior on that day..!! A person may forget to wish their close ones for new year eve..Ramzan..Christmas..or any other festivals and occasion not the birthday coz it’s the most important thing in ones life..!! And this was the first time where few of my best best buddies forgot to wish me…Hope it doesn’t happens again..!! Excluding this my day was sweet and marvelous with my guy..!!In a word that day was like i was in “Wonderland Of Love” with my Sweet Guy..!!

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