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Very Exhausting Job amid all the four sectors..!!

There was a huge forum which was something like a GD in one of my CAT seminars regarding which job is best according to all of us..There are four concern’s where people get employed viz. central government, state government, public companies, private companies. Well there are quite a lot of differences amid these concerns.

In this corporate world there are many private concerns than the public and central and state government..Each concern has its own pros and cons..Some people feel very happy when they get incorporated in private concerns as they get huge pay though they’re taxed a lot by work..Some feel great when they get in public as its standard job..No terminations..no need of any “PINK SLIP” due to any fluctuations in the market..Some opt for state government jobs as though they do/don do work they get their pay on time..And some opt for central government job as they get very good pension and perks and many more benefits… Well as I said earlier each one has its own pros and cons..But according to me than central government employees..Corporate people like us enjoy a lot and have a real great time and fun in life..!

Though we corporate guys get taxed with too much of work and many more stuffs…We guys got a lot of freedom but coming to this central government employees like armed forces, railways and many more..Mainly the defense jobs my god..!!! Got no words to describe about defense..We all guys really feel proud if any of our buddies/brothers/sisters/any known people are working in defense…Its really proud thing that there are many people who strive so much for the country..But do they enjoy like us?? Do they have the same amount of freedom which we get in private concerns?? The answer will be obviously be a big NO..Defense is really such a nice field but it has great big cons..No freedom..Perfect Punctuality (which good only to an extent..) cannot get leaves when required..Less amount of remuneration compared to private sectors..Though they get good pension and perks later in future and enjoy few benefits..Defense people sweat out so much to the chore but they don’t get equal amount of rest..This is totally bad and negative aspect in defense which I and himaja hate to the chore..!!

There is no particular time to work for these guys…they work day and night without any rest..They should atleast have time for relaxing..There is not even a weekend for them to freak out/ have fun with friends..!! Very eccentric field where they work 24hours at times without any break..It’s good and proud that they fight..Strive..Save the country from foe’ but they ought to get atleast little bit of time to spend for themselves..To take care of their health..And spend time with their families..Hmmm…guess all these rules will always remain the same eternally..That’s why it’s named as Defense..!!!

People feel that private sectors pressurize employees to the chore but it’s totally wrong..When compared to defense private sector work is nothing…!! As one of my Sanskrit mam told amid all these sectors Central government jobs mainly defense are more taxing which make people totally vexed and exhausted for the day..!! The government atleast can Increase the pay when they are extracting work in huge amount..But generally money will obviously not be enough for the government itself for their expenditure..After all its the great Indian Government..!!! All in all they extract so much work but pay less with 0% of freedom and fun compared to all other sectors..!!! Such a nice great field which makes people to hate it “at times”..!!!

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    yes ridhima u r very right and u know these people from defence get so much involved in work that after their retirement or when they r off from work get psyche of sitting idle and get into a strong depression.In UK they even have a rehabilitation centre for these kind of people.they definitely do a good job on their part but they suffer a lot.i hope u dont have anybody in defence forces.if u have then BEWARE!!!!

  2. rids

    finally u commented..was waiting for ur comment buddy..well i know3guys from defense yar aur woh bi two guys name starts from ‘r’…but kya kare they are acting as though they dont know..anywys keep comin up with more comments dude..

  3. rids

    n yup i very well know all the feelings of defense guys..

  4. Nice post. How you know about defense area this much? You are working in defense?

  5. rids

    Well am not working in defense but i very well know how much people over there suffer..coz many of buddies and my guy also work there..!!!!

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