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Sweet Wedding Wishes To My Best Pal

Today is known for its Greatness & sweetness..Well I meant today is such a great and sweet day for someone on this earth..Its time for someone to dress up in Groom’ attire, time for the wedding bells all around, time to get blessings from near, dear & elderly ones, time to start a great new […]

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Amazing & Very Sweet Movie..!!

There was one movie which I was longing so much to watch..All my friends both coll and school buddies were shocked when I told I still didn’t see this movie..!! They were all scolding me for not watching such a nice movie that a sweet Love story..! Dont know how come I missed such a […]

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Accident causing Unnecessary Jam!

Yesterday saw an accident.. It’s not so major one but not a minor too…! Was rushing to shop to get my bridal dress from tailor..Was rushing for it from office..And on my way saw an accident which caused unnecessary traffic! I hate unnecessary traffic to the chore and it exasperates at times!! A person gets […]

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Top five mobile phone makers for the year 2008!

There are many mobile phone makers all around the world. Among those companies every year few companies get ranked among Top five! Well list of Top 5 Mobile Makers for this year (2009) is not known but we can have a look at our previous year 2008. A very proud thing is that Nokia holds […]

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Plunge in sales Percentage of Sony!

Woooohhh there is a plunge in sales rate for this great financial year. As we know Sony holds Rank Four in the world mobile maker. But in the global mobile market Sony has been shrinking 10% this year as it cautioned on first quarter profits. This was already predicted and told by a spokeswoman of […]

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Again Melancholy..Melancholy..!!

Guess after a long time this word came to my mind..There is all around depression…Very main Depression is My exams…So careless the Madras University Guys..!!! They don’t even release the time-table in time..This is very exasperating to the chore!! When these people are like this so care less there are people who just send rumors […]

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Dreams of My Life..!!

Guess it was few months back where I wanted to pen down all my sweet cute and rocking dreams of my life..And exactly my sweet best buddy Nikita Porwal who is now Nikita Shah wrote her dreams and I was telling her that even I wanted to pen down but later din have time and […]

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Beware of Wireless Internet & Lappy’!

Heard of Cancer risk due to mobiles but due to wireless internet?? Many researches have specified that there is huge amount of risk faced by people who uses cell phones to a great extent. Now there is news out this Saturday which stated that there is a cancer risk faced by people who use Wireless […]

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Happy Fools Day..!!

As we all know today is April 1st which is known as Fools day. This day is know for fooling all people by playing all kinds of pranks and jokes and people have great fun on this day. No one exactly knows the origin of this particular day. There are also no records regarding the […]

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