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Accident causing Unnecessary Jam!

Yesterday saw an accident.. It’s not so major one but not a minor too…! Was rushing to shop to get my bridal dress from tailor..Was rushing for it from office..And on my way saw an accident which caused unnecessary traffic! I hate unnecessary traffic to the chore and it exasperates at times!! A person gets morose when he meets with an accident regardless of whose ever mistake it is! This is quite natural..But people should always bear in mind that If he/she meets with an accident first thing he got to clear up the place fast so that it wouldn’t disturb others..!

After noting down the opponents vehicle number you should always clear the place as fast as possible in order to avoid traffic..Yesterday saw an accident which happened in Kilpauk Garden road..There was a small junction like road and a guy speeded up his car and he hit another car which was coming from opposite side..The front door was alone damaged..The person who made this accident agreed his mistake and he gave his phone number and he also told the guy to note down his car number too…but the person who met with an accident didn’t agree to even budge a little!!

I know that it’s a loss for that guy as it costs much to mend his front door but he can very well clear up the place as his opponent has told he will surely pay him/if he is very serious in launching the complaint he can atleast move to the corner so that traffic doesn’t gets jammed..but this guy was damn arrogant that he didn’t even budge a little though people on road were yelling at him..!

These type of situations are very exasperating! Knowing that its waste of speaking and telling to a Moron we were finding pour way to be out of that traffic jam and finally was out by taking another route..Seeing all this mess also that guy didn’t even budge a little…Don’t know why people are so arrogant which leads unnecessary mess!! It’s very important to bear in mind that when any accident (mainly a minor one) happens its better if its cleared up as fast as possible so that it doesn’t cause any mess and jam!!

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