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Again Melancholy..Melancholy..!!

Guess after a long time this word came to my mind..There is all around depression…Very main Depression is My exams…So careless the Madras University Guys..!!! They don’t even release the time-table in time..This is very exasperating to the chore!! When these people are like this so care less there are people who just send rumors even in time-table..Don’t know what benefit they get in sending all fake time-table’! Hmmmm where ever I go there is full and full of Depression..Frustration..etc..etc..! Few tell exams will commence by May4th and end by June 6th..This was another thing which made me depressed!! Weekend too went so bad and tiring to the chore..Even weekend was full of Depression!! Coz of this Depression Couldn’t attend my best sweet buddy’ Important function..!! So sorry sweety..Very sorry..She Became depressed..Went to my friends house and there again got very bad news..Hmmmm Where ever I go..Whomever I meet there is full of Depression…And biggest Depression getting all bad news from morning..!! Hope all goes well again without any depression in life..!!

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