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Amazing & Very Sweet Movie..!!

There was one movie which I was longing so much to watch..All my friends both coll and school buddies were shocked when I told I still didn’t see this movie..!! They were all scolding me for not watching such a nice movie that a sweet Love story..! Dont know how come I missed such a nice Love movie..Was longing so much to watch love story..Hunted so much for that cd in Chennai but unfortunately didn’t get but finally in one particular shop saw just one cd and I rushed in and asked for that..Exactly after a min of my purchase a girl came n asked for the same cd..Was so happy that I came first n grabbed that cd..! Rushed home and saw the movie..After watching this movie was feeling y didn’t I watch this movie earlier..!!

Well this movie is such an amazing one which tells very clearly about the journey from engagement life to marriage..very sweet and loving movie..Every soul who knows Hindi ought to see this sweet and hearty movie..!! And people starring in this movie are none but Shahid a handsome and rocking guy and Amrita Rao who is a very cool girl..!! Both make a very good pair..Guess than Kareena and Shahid..Amrita and Shahid look better pair..I just loved each n every scene in this movie and all romantic dialogues told by Shahid..!

when we come to the movie part VIVAH is very desi, very Indian at heart, seeped in Hindustani emotions. It talks of familial bonding. It packs in loads of desi sentiments in those 2.48 hours.

It very clearly shows the life from engagement life and marriage…how they miss each other in period of time and all other hush-hush moments that happen in this period..This is a very practical movie and this pair looks very amazing and cool..!! All in all nice sweet movie which touched all the hearts of viewers..!! In fact I wanted to see this movie with my sweet guy but couldn’t wait till our marriage and while watching this movie I missed him so much..!! Well people who have not yet seen this movie should go watch it..Never miss sweet movies like this..!!

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