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Dreams of My Life..!!

Guess it was few months back where I wanted to pen down all my sweet cute and rocking dreams of my life..And exactly my sweet best buddy Nikita Porwal who is now Nikita Shah wrote her dreams and I was telling her that even I wanted to pen down but later din have time and forgot..Finally it’s here on my page:

-To have cool house near cool beach and enjoy life there..

-To go all around the world..

-To travel all hill stations with my Better Half..

-To Have a Beautiful Wonderland which is full of BABY PINK!!

-To Freak out with all my best buddies even after marriage just like before..

-To have very sweet cool moonlight Dinner with my sweet Better Half..

-To become cool corporate girl in a corporate sector..

-To posses each and every item which is in BABYPINK..

-To see the whole world with sweet and cool BABYPINK..

-To posses a very cool sporty car and freak out..

-To interview a terrorist just once..

-To also interview few Politicians of our country..

-To become a very cool fashion designer and beautician expert..

-To complete my pending story and get it published..

-Not to be Lazy atleast one full day..

-To become an expert even in cooking..

-Not to postpone any thing atleast for a day..

-To achieve something in life which is totally different from others..

-To have a get-together party with all my school, college and my colleagues at a time..

-To have a cool evening walk hand in hand with my better half in beach..

-To also go for long drives with my Better Half for Long Long drives in Highways/blank roads..

-To become Sweet, Best, Understanding and Loving Wife and Daughter in law in future

-and enjoy the whole life to great extent..

-Should Posses a very Sweet and really damn Pretty BABYPINK Mobile..etc..etc..

Well the list goes on like this..Which is never ending…!!

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