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Happy Fools Day..!!

As we all know today is April 1st which is known as Fools day. This day is know for fooling all people by playing all kinds of pranks and jokes and people have great fun on this day. No one exactly knows the origin of this particular day. There are also no records regarding the history of this fine day..Well some records state that once upon a time this day used to be celebrated as New Year. In countries like UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada jokes last just till noon, where as in America, Ireland and France jokes stay the whole day which is really cool thing..!

Well Happy Fools Day to All my Buddies and Relatives and all the readers of my Blog..!!Fool all your friends by your pranks and jokes as I did this early morning..!! though coudn’t fool all my friends fooled few of them and also few of my colleagues..Well the first person to be fooled is my very best sweet buddy Pooja..Very funny thing is she called me and she got fooled…that was very cool and enjoyable..And this is third year am fooling her..!

But guess unforgettable prank was last year..Was in Tirupati and called Pooh and all my Best friends telling that am Mishti calling from ABN AMRO Bank..Normally people get frustrated seeing all these kind of calls coming from banks, call centers..And that day I had great fun by fooling everybody…It was of great fun..!!

Out of all my friends pooh was the only girl who got frustrated and bit scared and totally switched off her cell…My goodness..That was really unforgettable prank which I played..!! I fooled my guy my sweet heart Romesh last year with many of my Prank messages but guess it wasn’t during the month of April..!! It was all sweet and joyful moments..All in all this is the only day where you can fool any soul on the earth and have great fun..!! Happy Fools Day..!! Rock your April 1st by fooling all..!!

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