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Top five mobile phone makers for the year 2008!

There are many mobile phone makers all around the world. Among those companies every year few companies get ranked among Top five! Well list of Top 5 Mobile Makers for this year (2009) is not known but we can have a look at our previous year 2008. A very proud thing is that Nokia holds FIRST place among Top Mobile Phone Makers and Top Mobile Phones that earned more returns..

Nokia – 39.4%
Samsung – 17.3%
Sony Ericsson – 8.6%
Motorola – 8.5%
LG Electronics – 7.7%

Nokia (122 million units, with net sales of $21 billion)
Samsung (46.3 million units, with net sales of $6.531)
LG (27.7 million units, with net sales of $3.788 billion)
Motorola (27.4 million units, with net sales of $3.3 billion)
Sony Ericsson (24.4 million, with net sales of $4.457 billion)

This survey was taken twice and both the times Nokia has got first place and well SONY got fifth Place and the second time it got third place…!!! And the presently its holding fourth Position..!! There three people who always support Sony telling that its world Best mobile and it ranks first place but its very wrong according to the stats..!! Basically Sony is good mobile but it has many disadvantages..It always hangs up..Had very bad experience with my w850i and 750i..Where as Nokia has very very few and petty petty drawbacks and Nokia is user-friendly mobile..!! It has all cool facilities and with amazing technology and facilities and its the largest computer maker in the world...! So Nokia is always the best and it was comes with cool models that give trendy look with more and more novel facilities in it..!!

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