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Me and My Sweet Contempo!

This blog is completely dedicated to my best and Rocking Office and guess this Lengthiest blog post I’ve ever written! Well as I said in my earlier post “Life is full of joy-where we meet many sweet people all around and again certain time comes were we go far away from them. “And it’s the same in case of my office too.. It’s too early to get relieved from my best n sweet office Contempo Technologies but due to my Nuptials am relieving from this sweet office..Its quite difficult for me to bid farewell to Contempo..Words are not enough to describe about this company..Well there are many things which I wanna quote in the first line but i know it’s pretty impossible! This makes me bit perplexed.

Finally felt, first I ought to thank a very important person who is always lively, energetic in all fields like Games, Dance and at office work..Guess words are less to describe him. There were many situations where I wanna thank him but guess now it’s the right time to do so…A very big Thank You to my best Boss (Managing Director) and a very good friend of mine Mr. Vijay Chakravarthy. Boss, from bottom of my heart I thank you so much for giving me Personal blog and its all jus because of this blog now am able to express all my views about my sweet office Contempo..I also thank you so much for recruiting me in this cool office where I found a lot of sweet people around me all the time and got good exposure to the work environment..!

Contempo Technologies is such a good office where you come to know many sweet people whom I can never forget. Contempo..Hmmm well everything is in the name itself..Which means Contemporary..This very clearly signifies that it follows all latest styles and trends in designing, development and all other services offered by them to their patrons. Contempo is not just/simply an office but also a great place which pulls out a person’s innate talent and motivates them in exhibiting their extra curricular talent too…Its not a office which concentrates all the time on work but it also spends equal amount of time in Enjoyment and fun..This office is just filled with loads of fun..And I bet there can be no office like this..I’ve learnt many novel things officially and personally..!

Well as I said earlier words are not enough to speak about this office and it is never ending..! When I think about my Colleagues..Hmmmm again no words! They are so sweet as Honey..Very Caring..Helping..Very Jovial..And they are the people who never see any formalities who become close to any person and become best buddies of life..Will be missing all my best & sweet colleagues so much..Shijina who is a flavor of full enthusiasm and fun loving girl who looks pretty and socializes well with people.., Prashanti who is again a fun loving girl and damn friendly who looks homely & who has gorgeous hair.., vanitha who is sincere her work and who has also helped me in all petty petty things officially and I bet she is damn jovial…cool girl..who has every sweet..Cute smile..!

Satya who always laughs and enjoys her life, Pretty girl.., Therasia who is very calm and very homely girl but also fun loving girl.., Meenakshi very simple natured girl and damn humble in nature.., Kanchan with great and sweet smile always on her smile and very homely and caring too.., Srividya simple and fun loving girl who also asks for articles mainly for mining site ooowww which is pretty dry but sad thing about that feeder site is there is no page rank even after her strenuous efforts towards this site.., Selvi(X employee) very homely,..Simple and quite humble in nature and damn innocent but flavor of loads of fun..,

Sangeetha hmmm a girl who always helps me in my article/image search and who is again humble and simple as such with loads of fun.., Padma hmmm simple minded, a very good chess player .., Amutha hmmm she is very simple at all times and filled with patience, Jinu(X Employee) who was my TL and who helped me in image editing in blog and also thought me many interesting facts.., Nikita(X HR) who is very bubbly girl and who always have smiles all around.., Saranya simple natured girl..,

Deepika ooowww very patience and mingles with people so well..i still remember her sweet approach to me though we both were new to each other.., Dimple she is cool girl.., Elavarsi hmmm she is Chief Technical Officer who always has great sweet smile.. Lumla(X Employee) cool and sweet.., kumuda priya very good personality, homely; mahima – Though not in touch with her much..She is simple girly…

Uma mam (homely, organized in work, a very good manager), malar- jovial, very good homemaker..Prakash(X employee) very jovial and fun loving guy and positive thinker..Bharat simple and friendly in nature.., Sarvanan sir, Arun, Bose who are blend of jovial and friendly in nature and also pretty good at profession too.., Sharon who is simple minded and who gave good topic in writing site articles i.e. Halloween.., well there are few more collegues who are sweet and friendly in nature..And this office has also got very good Office boys who are good in nature and regular at their work..!

­­­All in all Contempo is a flavor of Work and Fun..! Will for sure this company..! Will be missing all fun I had around.. Miss you Contempo..! Miss you all guys..!

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