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Gonna Miss Chennai for few Sweet & Best Things!

My mom’s granny always quotes: “Life is full of joy-where we meet many sweet people and again certain time comes were we go far away from them.” While waving good bye to my sweet Hostel Life, my School life and my College, I often used to remember these words and now again remembering her sweet words! Once again realized the true meaning of those words..!

Though I Don’t like Chennai much, there are few best & sweet things and people which am gonna miss so much after marriage! First and Foremost I miss my beloved parents to the chore..They are the best guide in my life and best friends coz they’re so free to me which never made me to hesitate to tell them any matters and also have given me 100% freedom in my life..They have also given me all the things without me asking them! They have never made me to feel uncomfortable nor imposed any restrictions in my life..Each and every petty thing went as per my wish! Gonna miss these sweet people a lot..!

Will be missing all silly billy fights with dad, all the loud music which I listen early morning and almost whole day which is also a kind of wake up alarm for mom and dad….will be definitely missing my sweet sweet Mom’s spicy spicy and yummy, Chatt Patta Dishes! She is an expert in cooking! There are few more sweet people and things that gonna be missed by me:

Will be missing all the sweet places which I had masti to the extreme with all my College gang and School gang..

Cool walks in terrace with mom in chill breeze..

All bashing places where I often freak out with all my best buddies..

Chill Drive at early morning in cool breeze..

All chatt patta & Spicy Chat Corners..

All those moon light dinners with my sweet naani, Maamu, Mausi and my sweet family..

Gonna miss all my best and ever loving buddies who were always around me and all my Office Colleagues and my whole Office the Sweet and Best Contempo Technologies (coming up soon in detail)..

Sweet Library and Library Uncle..

The Orphanage which is the sweetest place on earth… I’ll miss you……….

My beautician too Kavita Didi..

All Chill Pell items like yummy Kulfi, nursery, all those platform shopping with all my friends & cousins in Hyderabad and Chennai..

All my cousins..And various choti moti Dukhan’s @ Socco (Sowcarpet), Spencer’, Abirami mall, Shri Mithai, Hemanth chats and last but not the least all the places which I hanged out with my Sweet Heart..!

Well all happens at the time of marriage where we got to Miss Sweet people to get sweet soul mate!

Miss you all guys so much!

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