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Bindas Life @Goa!!

Mmmmm..When it come to Goa there r many people who think life here is nothing..Its all just fun…hanging all around all time to beaches and all…But its totally not so…There r hell a lot of people who lead quite a busy life… Like people rush to colleges and work places everyday… But life surely varies from one state to other.. Here life is completely different from Chennai…and people and culture too…I came across many people who are of different nature… where some r so sweet and some r so helping and caring…people here are so sweet and cool and also there people who are pretty over emotional and some damn serious..ooo..Well lemme come to my life at Goa…this is jus a very cool place chill place where life goes on in a smooth way…Getting up early morning at 7 which is pretty early for me…and making hot hot breakfast for my sweet janu and see him off with great big n sweet smile to office…n back to my rocking TV with yum yum breakfast and then back to my studies again…..Well life here goes pretty fast tooo…A day goes of like a second…damn fast…And then start cooking for lunch and eagerly waiting for hubby….mmmm and again having cool afternoon nap and getting up and preparing some evening snacks…and hanging out for cool evening walk or watching TV together…mmmm and finally dinner and at times candle light dinner when power is off…and out for nite n walk which is quite awesome in GOA…!!! Ufff this is my sweet busy life at Goa…!!! And when I think about climate…mmmm here climate is simply superb….far better na na 100 times better than Chennai..!!!! Always u get sweet chill breeze with light sun shade… which simply superb..!! All in all life at goa rocks..Ek dum Bindas!!! Soon will post the pics of Goa!!! Keep reading ridhis.com for more interesting posts and pics..!!

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