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Finally met this great guy at my hubby’ party!!

I was initially puzzled in naming this post as there were two titles that was ran in my mind- Rishi-Simply a good guy who is with loads of fun & jovialness but never shows in front novel people/ Finally met this great guy at my hubby’ party!!

Rishikesh Singh..mmm..he is one among my gud buddies..Well he is simply a v.gud guy..In various situations he appears to me as a guy of many attitudes..mmm..Well its jus as the a famous saying- People seem to be gud if you see them with good eye n if u c them with cunning way then they may obviously seem to be damn cunning personality..Well it all depends on how you see people with your heart..n I saw different type of attitudes in different occasion..Initially on our first talk..still remember his words..it was sounding like he is a guy with loads of fun & full of jovialness..guess it was in kochin..

Later on spoke to him wen he needed a small help which was bit a difficult one as it was about getting his certificate..N that time he sounded like careless guy n bit cautious too..Finally got certificate for him and parceled him with a letter containing small important msg..After he receiving the parcel he rang me up with loads f happiness telling thanks a lot..That time he was sounding very responsible n simply gud guy..One fine day was having my CAT xam n jus two days before the xam had a talk with him n he was telling he will call me up during the day f my xam..

Well that day he forgot n next day he n was sorry for it n was asking about my performance in the exam..that time he was sounding like he is concerned about his friends and though he used to not speak to me often..he used to get full info from his buddy about my welfare and whereabouts..That this guy was sounding pretty concern n also a person who gives value for friends..Then finally came up happiest occasion my marriage n that time he was sounding like an advisor..as he was giving advice regarding studies n few more..He sounded like great friend of mine..But he didn’t come for my wedding though he promised me telling one line-“I’ll surely come to your marriage if the person you marrying is known to me” But he didn’t keep up his words..Finally landed up in goa after marriage n this great friend lives here n also friend of my sweet hubby..n when I was listening about this great guy from many people here felt he was pretty lalchi types…and then was thinking y the hell this guy hasn’t come to my home not even once inspite of me inviting him..Felt like ..

There was not even one day where I used to sleep without scolding him badly in my mind..Some or other soul used to remind me about that guy and used to get morose n scold him to the chore and also feel like..This made me to think this guy is so bad…But then finally a day came where he arrived at the party f my hubby..And that day was asking him to give treat for helping him out..n finally hey ram..he called me up for treat but then I jus told very simple line to janu-“I don’t want his treat..Jus want him to drop in at our sweet home for lunch/dinner which will be a big treat for me..!! Now god knows when this great man gonna land up at home..this great day made me to feel he is not that bad too..All in all felt he is a guy who is simply good great friend of mine..!!

Well its all various situations which makes us to think good/bad about any person..afterall it depends on our heart and intension we see them..!! There is no good and bad person in this world I guess..Its all situation and our way of thinking n intention that makes people bad /good..!!

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