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Politics in Education at Chennai!!

I was stunned when I saw this flash news just before the day of diwali..Politics coming up in education is really weird policy..It was stated that there will a subject regarding Karunanithi who is the present CM of Chennai..Guess these politicians have no other work mainly Chennai politicians.. When Jayalalitha was the CM…She imposed a rule that all students of higher secondary ought to learn basics of Tamil language..Ooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww which was damn difficult for students who don’t even know anything about Tamil language.. More over it was pretty difficult for students to concentrate on Tamil language which was totally new and also burden for them coz they were entering in preparation for the board exams..Thankgod all our teachers helped us in passing the TAMIL exams successfully..Dont know how can this female think of such a policy in education which is damn exasperating n disturbing the studies too..!! N now this guy making new policy in education by implementing a new subject which says all about him and his work…Guess these Tamil Nadu politicians have no other work.. Rather than playing with education policy n students studies..!!!! If these politicians focus all their interest in developing the state and the country then there will be pretty drastic development in the nation rather than wasting time in all these falthu things..!!!

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