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This guy is heights!!!!!

Finally there came a day where Mr.Rishikesh Singh came to my sweet home for dine..Initially when I heard that this guy gonna come for dine to my home it made me stunned.. Was not able to believe that this guy coming finally..well still feel some one has forced him to come ti home for dine..well never moind butb then this guy is heights..!!! HE speaks on phone well but then when he comes to speak directly…ufff he doesn’t even open his mouth..not even a word was out of his mouth..god!!!Damn Crazy n crummy too..!!! When I left these guys alone then he was like rocking…enjoyin..talkin pretty well..Ufff…Guess can never judge people like this..!!! This guy is really heights..!! Well All in all finally came for dine to my home..!!! Happy about it..!!

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