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Sweet-Happiest & Shockin day in my Life..!!

mmmmm…Dont know how start this post..You must bew puzzled and wodering how can all emotions be on the same day..Its all coz f my swet heart…n i feel am the luckiest soul on the earth to get such a rocking n sweet hubby…This was during my preparation for my exams thats gonna be on 27th of december..Its pretty difficult for a person to study n mange all the house work..Wasnt able to cook at all..And my best hubby took an off for me n oh my god!!!! received great shock from him…he was totally handling all the house job..and my job too..he didnt allow me to do even a small work in kitchen..the whole lot work was managed by sweet JANU..!! And the best shock and the happiest moment was when he prepared yummy lunch for me with loads f love…….!!

oooooooowwwwwwwwww…I was speechless when i saw the lunch in time…mmmmmmmmmm..I was totally Fida n flying in air…mmmmmFelt am the ever luckiest girl in this world for getting damn loving n sweeeeeeeeeet person as hubby in my life…!!! Well many times i asked him to jus give try in cooking..but then he was not ready at all.. an dsuddenly he did all this and the food was really great n yummy…Was amazed coz a person cooking for the first time surely make some or other golmaal where as this sweet guy cooked so well and displayed all dishes pretty good…!!! He made Dec 24th  as a very special, sweet, Happiest and shocking day in Life…!!!!

Hats Off To this Sweet Guy..!!

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