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My Visit To Chennai..!!

Finally went to my place…ooops..not my place exactly..but then to visit all my parents n buddies…n in laws..!!! As soon as i got down from train was having yummiest pani puri in my favorite dukhan “Keshav Chats” with my sweet heart…though he wasnt ready to come n tatse the worlds best n tastiest pani puri..i pulled him n we had great bash there..!! Was so apppy to see mom dad who are the ever sweet people on this earth..!! The most stunning thing i noticed in chennai was a very good climate…!!! It was damn chill ever before..!! but well the pollution is same again..damn dusty and damn polluted which is totally not there in Goa..! The time spent in chennai was just a week and each day flew away within seconds..And met few f my buddies n teachers who were shocked with my novel look..also met few f my collegues at office but unfortunately was not able to meet boss as i was gettin late for my train…And one f the most rocking day in this week was giving big suprise to my best buddy by attending her Nuptials with my better half….. we met few teachers n juniors n all my gang mates..!! That was really bashing day of that appy week..mmmm…now miss chennai a lot…miss the fun with myty buddies n yummmy yummy pani puri…Eagerly waiting for next holiday to Chennai…!!

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