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My New Work Place and People There!!!

Hmmmm After a long time again back to my sweet blog…Everyday used to thing I’ll have to make my blog alive but then somehow day ends off with big smile and tiredness..Wanted to post something about my new workplace and its environment n etc etc……mmmmm..well got placed in HDFC Bank for Management of Salary Accounts…Its completely Marketing field which my mom was totally against this field…and presently me too coz of just one person in the BANK…!!!! Well initially was happy that I got recruited in such a good concern having high goodwill but now doing countdown when March 31st gonna come for leaving this concern…Well the job profile is pretty good..You’ll have to meet all the corporates and interact with them about your product and all…The best benefit and interesting fact that I found in this job was—a person will come to many companies and many interesting things about their concerns & will bound a business relationship and at times even friendly relationships like how I made with one of my customer…I really enjoyed working with this bank though they don’t provide their own employees with proper phone and few things which will come up in my next post…And there’s one more thing that I liked in my job was my Boss and My team…My team members were Meleny, Chandrisha (my mentor), Gowrish, Anthony (team Leader), Rids (myself.. cool girl as always), Last but not the least is Mr. Proful Pilley (Boss) who were pretty sweet and good…My first day was cool but felt hectic coz din have my bike with me and was totally fed up in traveling in bus ufff!!! I was comfortable with every one of them except one person who is apart from my team but a part of HDFC Chicalim Branch..none other than Mr. Elvis…Uffff…!!!!!!! Rest all is damn comfortable and HDFC Rocks…!!! But somewhere corner of my heart still feel sad for leaving this job coz its pretty interesting and cool as said before…hmmmm but then i dont want to miss one of the best and good opportunity that i got….!!

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