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One of The Biggest Reason to Quit HDFC!!

Don’t know what to title this post..whether One of the biggest reason to quit this job/Educated illiterate/Moron as my hubby says mmm…Very Ajeeb character I’ve ever seen in my life….I never thought I’ll ever meet with such a bad/ psych/ sadist person in my life…I’ve worked with reputed and big concerns in Finance section and software section like Ashok Leyland Pvt. Ltd as intern, Contempo Technologies, Infosys as intern, but never in any of these concerns I was this scared of any person..coz all used to be very friendly and pretty sweet and good…In case any mistake is incurred coz of me also..no one used to embarrass me or no one used to treat me as something like don’t know any apt word…I’ve seen many bosses/TL’s yelling at people but I’ve not seen any such kind of person in my life like Mr. Elvis!!! In all the concerns with which I’ve worked were very nice and I felt they are the best people coz they treat everyone in a good equal way..And I was never ever scared of any one in any of these concerns coz all were very friendly in nature..Well Life will never be always with sweet natured people..but then Life cannot be good and peaceful with such a moron person like Elvis…!!! Totally got fed up with this guy…!!! When I get any work with him I get damn scared in such a way that am gonna die…one day I even started sobbing n told janu that I don’t want to go to job which looks kiddish..but then even now I get very scared even to stand and speak to him or submit anything to him…!! Even in the branch people ask me why ru this scared…mmmm…but then il b having no answer other than being chup…

Don’t know what to name this guy…Showing all his frustrations on me or wantedly searching some mistakes though there are no mistakes in the work done…mmmm..He is biggest Kamina I’ve ever seen in my life….Dont know from were and which point to start with coz he has such big big and worst qualities in this world…Best word and compliment given by my hubby to him was “Educated Moron” which is totally true…Whenever I get a work with him I pray to god infinite times that he shouldn’t embarrass in front of all customers and not even one day he shuts his mouth without telling/commenting anything about my work/about my forms..!!! Today dispatched a form and I bet there was not even a single mistake in the main form but then too in front of the customer and started commenting on it…Gosh…!!! Every sec sitting in front of him I feel as though next second am going to die…uff got fed up with my work life just coz of him…!!!

As my hubby says he is one of the major reason of me quitting such a good job and concern…As my friends and buddies said I don’t think no girl will be comfortable with such a person..I cant even open my mouth in front of him rather than sitting chup chap..mmmmmmmm…I was not like this in  my college nor with my family…if anyone acts/behaves like sadist I used to teach them good lesson..but here not able to do anything except shutting up my mouth though there’s no mistake of mine….mmmmm….Every sec and every day I feel damn scared when I come to know that I’ll have to meet him…..As a friend and as a hubby Romesh knows me from past three years and he has never seen me this much scared and tensed and sobbing

This has also become one of the biggest reasons for quitting this job…Totally got fed up of this person who never gives respect to employees as he has become a biggest torture in my life….Hmmmm hope I don’t ever meet any such person in life..!!!!! Uff!!!!!

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