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Waiting for “THE” day at Mohali !!

After that brilliant match on Thursday(24th march 2011), where India defeated the Aussie’s. each and every Indian heart is so overwhelmed with loads of hope in them of bagging the cup this time. before moving into the details , i must definitely state some incidents about  this match, as i told earlier it was a splendid match! after a long day at office, got back home, where i saw my fifty year old dad glued to the television set with so much of  enthusiasm  like  a fifteen year old would have. since am used to this from my childhood, i dint give it a heed. i was busy with my own work. i dunno wats there in this game that these guys are so crazy over them, few of my colleagues even took half day off, just for the sake of watching the match. the rest in the office had no peace where they weren able to concentrate neither in the match nor  in the work. everyone in the  office started betting among themselves and  it was total fun. hmmmm  moving on to my home scene… my dad who was busy watching the  match in the living room in the ground floor ..  t0 my surprise he  came upstairs after some time telling the match was really getting into his nerves, and told that Gambir is playing a pathetic game..  telling this he went out for a walk… so after sometime i went down to our living room and switched on the idiot box to listen to some music, and when i switched it on, the first thing what i saw was a four hit by yuvraj singh, i got so thrilled so i started watching the match, i was awestruck to see the graph going  up, where the number of balls increased  and the runs started decreasing. it was a mind blowing game, we should admit. they played it so well giving it a lot of thought. Raina played a real  good cricket. their partnership was simply superb ! you should have seen ponting’s face every time the ball  went out of the boundary! poor fellow ! the Aussie’s who won  the world cup for three consecutive years has now waved good bye and is waiting for Afridi to join them to tour India and get back to their respective home town’s to watch India bag the world cup this time. but before that grand finale, is the important match, yeah its  the match between India and Pakistan. the most awaited match by each and every Indian and Pakistani.  hope we do a great job even this time !! lets all wish our Indian players  all the very  best for the most important match. this match means a lot more than the world cup  itself !!  JAI HO !! INDIA !!

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