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We made it, once again!!!

Yippee……!! Yes we made it!! Each and every Indian’s wish came true yesterday! My whole flat was in a buzz at eleven in the night, where almost all guys came down to burst crackers and celebrate India’s grand victory. The whole country was so joyful with full of exuberance. The match between India and Pakistan, which we considered being more important than the world cup itself and we won it. It was a magnificent game, played by all our Indian darlings. Though our little master missed his 100th century with just fifteen runs, he played really well, helping a great deal to boost India’s score, and it was a very good play by Suresh raina, who made it to 260 somehow. We must say it was a real nail biting match, where everyone were seated in the edge of their seat to watch our bowlers bowl each and every ball. As we have reached the finals, now it’s time for us to keep our fingers crossed and pray, wish and hope for the best. I wish each and every Indian player a very very very all the best!! Wishing you all good luck!! Hope we can see a repeat of 1983 this time! Jai ho India!! Keep the good work going!

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