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Hats off to all our MIB!!!

Three cheers for all our men in blue, hip hip, hurray; hip hip hurray; hip hip hurray!!! Great, it’s worth the wait, we Indians waited for 28 long years to experience this wonderful moment once again.  I was not even born, when we won the world cup the first time, I am so happy that it happened once again, for me to witness it. I was almost in tears when  dhoni hit the last six, where I screamed at the top of my voice with tears in my eyes, it was such an amazing feeling, god!! It is truly magical, I dunno how it’s possible, and we feel so proud. My whole house screamed, in fact my whole flat, screamed and brought the roof down. We were so excited and were jumping in joy!!!

The two south Asian countries, (teams), gave us an edge-of –the – seat, final and a deserved victory for a cricketing nation which felt its time has come. It was a fine world cup, the best for 28 years.  I have no words to describe this joy, it is really incredible! Each and every Indian soul would have experienced this wonderful feeling. We definitely have to thank our cool captain and his guys for that magnificent win, HATS OFF guys!!

Everyone knew that it is India who is gonna win, but we got a hiccup when we lost our Veeru in the first over itself, and that too for a duck. I totally got shattered when it happened, but I dint lose hope, I dint budge from place and was seated in my couch throughout the match and even after. Alas!! It happened!


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