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Stop smoking!! Feel good!! Look good!!

I really dunno why these guys smoke?? I seriously have no clue what they get while they fag!! There are so many guys whom I know who smoke, and the reason they give is tension, I feel its utter non sense! There are few of my colleagues who say, its work pressure and work tension, which forces them to smoke, and it gives them relaxation! Hmmmmm … guess we have to experience it to approve the same. Smoking kills, I dunno why they don’t realize this, educated, well matured, but still they wanna be ignorant in this alone. My dad smokes, but till date we are not able to change this habit of his. He actually gets irritated if we stress on it too much, so we casually tell him every now and then, but in vain. Guess all guys are similar.  There are lots of facts about smoking which each and every smoker should know, these facts should hit their mind, every time they light a cigar!!

Smokers have a limited sense of smell

You will be prone to a lot of chest infections

You are at greater risk of developing cancer. (Obviously!)

Each cigarette you smoke shortens your life by 14 minutes (gosh!! Four hours per pack)

Smoking is one of the reasons for blindness as well.

It affects your entire mouth – lips, tongue, palate and your taste buds

Smoking delays the healing of wounds, and stains the teeth (yuck!!)

Last but not the least, this is for all the dude’s out there, who think that fagging is something great and smoke in style, it ruins your looks!! The appearance of wrinkled, pale and grayish skin is four to five times more frequent in smokers than non-smokers. You will become pale and dull! Watch out! Don’t lose your good looks for mere pleasure.

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