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The best time I have ever had!!! – College Days!

Time is just rolling, it seems like only yesterday, I went back to my college for my PG(same college) after three years of my hectic UG. Hmmm it was full time fun, life totally changed after college, I really dint expect such a drastic change. When I was in college, I always used grumble each day, thinking  when it will get over, I was waiting for my final semester exams to commence, cos that is it, it will all be over. But I was wrong, I dint know, that my best part of my life is gonna end very soon. I was happy then, but not now, I really want my college days back, the silly fights we used to have, our canteen food, our tasty exciting gossips, imitating our lecturers, cursing them, hmmm missing everything, though we were loaded with assignments and projects and other such stuffs, we had fun in our own way, which we miss now.  I really can’t forget our lab hours, god!! Am in tears!! Trust me  nothing like college life, for lotta them its school life which they consider to be the most wonderful days of their life, but for me it’s my college days, since I dint enjoy my school days much, I had ultimate fun in my college days, I really have to thank all my friends, for having given me good memories of college life, though I had bitter experience as well, I don wanna remember all  that now, actually when  I think of college days , I am able to think only about the good times we had!! I miss my corridors, our bike stand, our ganesha temple, our store room, our bakery last but not the least, our women Hitler, my HOD. I feel that each and every student should have studied under a HOD like her, my good gracious; she is simply superb, though she is really strict, she had that style in her, and I just adore her! Luv you Mam! Missing you, our department, your scolding’s, everything. All this nostalgia happened to me, because of one single message that I received this morning, it goes like this

poga vendiya naalil

Poga manamillai!!

Poga mudiyadhabodhu manampoga



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