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Beetroot cutlet!


Beetroot – 3 medium sized

Potato – 1 large

Onion- 1 big (finely chopped)

Green chillies – 2

Coriander leaves – 5 tsp (finely chopped)

Cumin seeds- 2tsp (slightly crushed)

Ginger garlic paste – 2 tsp

Garam masala – 1 tsp

Semolina – ½ cup

Maida -1/2 cup

Corn flour – 2tbsp

Fried cashews – ½ cup (broken into small pieces)

Bread crumbs- ½ cup.

Ajinomoto – a pinch

Salt- for taste

Oil- for deep fry


Pre preparation

  • Boil beetroot and potato, peel the skin, grate and keep it aside.
  • Grind the two green chillies into a smooth paste with little lime juice if preferred and keep aside.
  • Mix both   semolina and corn flour and make a smooth batter with little salt and ajinomoto. Keep aside.
  • Keep a pan, add oil, and once it becomes hot add the crushed cumin seeds, followed by ginger garlic paste, green chilli paste and onions. Sauté until it is done. Then add the masala powders, salt accordingly and sauté once again, finally add the chopped coriander leaves and fried cashews and remove it from heat. Keep it aside to cool.


Take the grated beetroot and potato in a wide mouthed bowl and add the onion mixture to it and mix thoroughly. Make soft dough with the mixture, add salt if needed. Now make lemon sized balls out of the mixture and flatten it, like a shape of a cutlet patty and keep aside. Do the same to the whole of the dough. Take the flattened patties and dip them in the batter which is prepared followed by rolling it in the bread crumbs. Do the same to all the patties. Arrange it in a tray neatly and refrigerate it for an hour or so. Now, heat the oil in a deep pan to fry the patties. Slide each patty into the hot oil carefully and fry till it turns slight brown in color, since it is beetroot the color is such that it will be difficult for you to judge whether it is done or not so make sure you double check before you remove it from the oil and be near the pan until it is done, otherwise it might get too fried (burnt) also. Now fry all the patties and serve hot with yummy tomato ketchup or green chutney.

Benefits of beetroot:

  • Its rich iron content cures anemia.
  • It helps to recover liver function through betaine.
  • Beets reduce high blood pressure.
  • A very good liver cleanser
  • It detoxifies the blood and improves circulation.
  • Helps conditions of gall stones and kidney stones
  • It’s a good herbal medicine for improvement in menstrual problems.
  • Reduces cholesterol.
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