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Fun With Varanam Ayaram..!!!

Hmmmmm Let me first tell the movie name correctly atleast while writing this post..Vaaranam Aayiram…!!! And this is my SECOND Tamil movie I’ve seen in life..!! Hmmm Well this is very nice cooooooolawesome movie…!!! Very nice movie..!!Actually i was yearning to watch this movie in Telugu but unfortunately coudnt see it in Telugu…!! But then […]

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The real reason & cause for accident…!!!

Often there arises a question in my mind why people don’t follow the basics while driving on road..!!!! I often think y people are so absent minded or being very negligable in following simple & easy rules while driving..!!! Hundreds of times I’ve personally experienced with these kind of fishy people..! I wanna share a […]

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All My Wishes Came True; Awesome & Gorgeous Rain..!!

This whole week i had to rush to home as early as possible as i had to do so much work for my upcoming house function. So was telling all my buddies to pray for me that someone should be absent in my office so that i can get a system & finish my office […]

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What a taste wine has….!

From my small age i had a small desire of going to church but cudnt go..Finally i went to church last month with my friend.And my god my first experience was with full of fun & bad too..!When we guys entered the church prayer was going on & my friend was feeling bit scared coz […]

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