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Yipee Got A system Finally…!!!

Finally got a permanent system after four months of working in my work place…!! Now no need to do prayers telling” Hey Bhagvan please see to that atleast one soul in office should be absent..” Everyday before coming to office i used to worry about system n now no worries…!!! Finally got a system…!! And […]

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♥§ Babypink Wonderland-I’m in land of baby pink §♥

I got my sweet, cute n awesome babypink bedroom as a sweet n precious gift from my sweet mamma!!!! I love you mom..thank you so much for making my whole room babypink & giving me such a preety n cute babypink room..!! when i saw the room oh my god i was like flying in […]

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Pink Pages…!!

This is one of my favorite n best book i’ve ever seen n read..!!! It was during my scholastic book fair me n my buddy went n checked out n amazingly there was a book in my favorite ever loving color…!!!! I was very excited n started jumping n hugging my friend & was very […]

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§ ***♥ yipeee!!!!!!! I Finally Got Baby Pink Themes…!!!!♥ ***

Am so so so so happy..!!! Finally got many sweet cute babypink themes for my sweet blog..!!!! I thank jinu so so so much for showing me the site for themes & lara for having themes link in her blog…!!!! I dont get apt word to describe the beauty of my best & hearty & […]

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§********Cute Land Of Baby Pink……………!******§

It was full of baby pink land. The whole sky, land, plants, flowers, & all in all it was baby pink. This is a separate land & its called land of baby pink. I was taken to this land & at the entrance there was a guide who guided me every step like how to […]

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